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Angel-Chan Sales

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PLEASE READ ALL POLICIES, contact information, and other stuff BEFORE

My Policies:


Trades & Wish List:

TRADES: I *love* and prefer trades. We will work out who sends first
upon negotiating. If you have no feedback, you must send first.

Contact Me:
Comment! I have auto-reply notification.


Sales/Trades Progress - CLOSED

***NOTE, PLEASE READ*** If you see a name resembling your email address in bold, then it is because I do NOT have your Livejournal link. Either email me asap or I will usually inquire about it. If I don't get a reply I will leave it as is for personal reference. I will NOT put your full email here. ^^ Thanks!

If your item isn't in one section, it's most likely in another/I haven't updated/you're a deadbeat. If there are any questions about an order/trade/payment please comment here! ^_^

Pending -- Either we have not decided something or I am waiting for a payment.

Holds -- Like it says. I'm holding something for you or vise versa.

1/2 Complete -- This means half of the transaction is done, such as one person has sent or one person has paid. *However please note* if you bought something from me and I shipped it, it will be under complete. However, if I bought or traded with you, then it will be under this catergory until I have recieved my end of the bargain. :3

Current/On Going Trades & Sales

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Please do not post feedback here. Only questions about any business you have with me, even if not related to my shop. Thanks =)